Employment agency Proton Group

The Proton Group, a leading player in the field of recruitment, possesses over twenty years of experience. Fueled by ambition and dynamism, our company stands out as a formidable force. We specialize in sourcing, selecting, and deploying professionals across a wide array of sectors, including mechanical engineering, installation techniques, Mig Mag welding, and electrical engineering. Our track record includes successful partnerships with esteemed organizations not only in Eindhoven but also beyond.

We are constantly seeking talented and motivated individuals to join our team. As a member of the Proton family, you can anticipate an exciting role accompanied by a competitive salary. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on personal development, offering support through educational programs and coaching. Whether you prefer freelancing or seeking permanent employment, we provide engaging projects with leading and specialized firms. Explore our diverse range of job opportunities, including openings for electrical engineers, to discover the perfect match for your skills and aspirations.

Candidate or employer?

Are you in need of skilled personnel for your engineering company? Or are you in pursuit of the ideal job within this sector? Operating in Eindhoven, Zoetermeer, and Urmond, our engineering employment agency excels at creating perfect matches. Our aim is to ignite enthusiasm both in our candidates and in the organizations we serve. Within our agency, you’ll find vacancies spanning various professions, including CNC operators, maintenance technicians, welders, mechanical engineers, electricians, plumbers, assembly workers, lead engineers, and more. Whether you’re eyeing a role as a mechanical engineer or an electrical engineer, peruse our job listings to explore the opportunities awaiting you.

Proton also facilitates BBL trajectories and partners with accredited training companies to offer guidance and mentorship to aspiring technicians. As a certified company under NEN 4400-1 and VCU, we take pride in our competence and expertise. Comprising Proton Assembly and Proton Engineering, the Proton Group emerges as a formidable entity within the industry.

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